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Adult Services

The Road Ahead Family Services understands that the families that come to us are at an impasse in the road. We strive to meet the needs of adults with compassion, dignity and professionalism. Our services are designed to be time efficient and focus on the underlining cause of the problem. 

Children Services

We believe that children represent our most vulnerable yet resilient population. Our expertise in working, engaging and motivating children and adolescents makes us the right choice for therapy or group therapy. Our children's therapy rooms are designed to be a safe, creative environment for young minds to explore and gain self knowledge. Our therapists have extensive experience working with children as young as three to adulthood. 

Foster Care

Developing nurturing, loving resource families that will promote safety and healing for the children entrusted to us is at the core of our foster care program. As foster parents, once a child or sibling group is placed in your home, a new journey begins that can last anywhere from overnight to several months. After the immediate safety of the child has been addressed, the next priority is reunifying the child with their birth family. Slightly more than half of all children who go into foster care return to their birth families.

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