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Individual, Conjoint and Family Therapy:


We offer individual treatment and parent-child (dyadic) treatment for children and adolescents, as well as individual parent consultation meetings for a wide range of mental health concerns and life stressors.


In our experience, by the time parents begin investigating treatment options, they are already feeling frustrated with or distressed about their child, and often a bit undermined in their ability to parent effectively. We strongly believe that therapy with children should also be an empowering, positive experience for parents that allows them to learn new, more adaptive ways to relate to their child and to themselves as parents. I view parents as experts on their children and feel that their love, support, and knowledge of their child are crucial elements to successful treatment. Though the process of starting therapy with children and adolescents often involves some parental coaxing, we have found that once it begins kids discover that they can be remarkable students of their internal life and behaviors, and ultimately greatly value their experience in treatment. We hope that you and your child will find the summaries of the treatment models our staff uses instructive in sparking your curiosity about therapy or determining whether or not our clinician might be a good match to work with your family.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)


Group Counseling:

“Fake It ‘Till You Make It”, TAY (Transitional Age Youth) Social Skill Building Group:

This is a hybrid group through our partnership with The Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts, designed to include improvisational skills, public speaking, assertiveness training, and basic social skills to provide the tools to transitional-aged youths to shed the stigma of their involvement with child protective services, increase self-esteem and ability to effectively navigate and thrive in the “real world”.


“The Apple and The Tree”, Parent-Adolescent Group:

This group is a two-hour weekly group to navigate parent-child relationships, fortify the family bond, increase self-awareness, increase conflict resolution among parents and their children. The group is composed of one hour of parent-child group and one hour of “break away” group in which adolescents and parents are in separate groups.


“The Attachment Clinic”, Biological Parent-Infant Group:

 This group is designed for the biological parents and infants that have been placed in out of home care. Utilizing monitored visits, biological parents learn developmental milestones, how to promote the acquiring of skills, bonding and attachment, as well as engagement in a group environment class that is led weekly by therapists. Parents must sign monitor agreement allowing our staff to be the monitor during the group and agreeing to abide by the monitored group rules. This is an excellent opportunity for biological parents to get to know their infant and to form a secured attachment.


“Teen Depression and Anxiety Group”:

Many teenagers are vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Physical and emotional changes can make it difficult for them to deal with setbacks and personal challenges. These teens who do not know how to cope with their negative emotions may be more likely to try risky behaviors that can jeopardize their health and safety. This is why mental health workers are working to find unique solutions to teen anxiety and depression. While some therapies and other treatments may be effective for adults, sometimes a different approach is needed to suit the unique characteristic and challenges of young adulthood. This group helps Teens ages 14-17 connect, share, and find healthy coping strategies around anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, and changing thinking patterns.



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