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Intake and Assessment Services:


RAFS’ counselors will provide intake services to all client individuals and/or families via face-to-face meetings and /or interventions.  Assessor will collaborate with a family and team to obtain information about the significant events impacting children and families and the underlying needs that are bringing about their situation.  Assessment process continues throughout services to identify the underlying needs (including child and family trauma needs), and determine the availability and capability of resources needed to make progress.




These services are provided by RAFS to families via face-to-face meetings and/or interventions by a therapist with an individual, couple, family, or group to: address mental health issues; help raise self-awareness and understanding; help to solve problems; assist in the development of insight. Psychotherapeutic services may be provided in the office, off-site, or in the home. RAFS will give priority for psychotherapeutic services to those families referred by the DCFS and the juvenile probation department.  


Individual Counseling:


RAFS will provide counseling services to families via face-to-face contact to: Help identify and assist in solving family problems; Help identify and assist in day to day functioning  Identify substance abuse issues and refer for treatment; Address and refer to treatment for domestic violence and/or anger management related issues; Help identify personal, vocational, and educational goals. Counseling services may be provided in the office, off-site, or in the home.  In home teaching and demonstrating is included in this service.


Counseling Groups:


Our group therapy/psycho-education model allows clients to obtain information, understanding, and intervention regarding a given topic while also exploring their own histories, thoughts and belief systems, as well as, analyzing their past maladaptive behaviors. We have found that this paves the way for parents to take responsibility for past mistakes, make plans towards change, and internalize the skills and interventions presented. Groups run for 16 weeks and have a flexible curriculum that is modified according to the individual needs of the group.  For more information, please click below:





In-Home Services:


Individual and family counseling may be provided in-home to reduce the cost of transportation to the client and increase time effectiveness of services. Psychotherapists provide psychotherapy in the home during the schedules the families are available (including weekends and evenings).  Additional in home services include case managment, referrals, linkage services, case plans, and parent education services.  For more information, please click below:


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