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Individual and family counseling are provided in the office or in the home to reduce the cost of transportation to the client and increase time effectiveness of services. Professional therapists provide psychotherapy in the home or office  during the schedules the families are available (including weekends and evenings).


Individual therapists are a part of the client’s treatment team and as such, meet weekly with the group therapy leaders to conduct case consultations. In this way we close the gap between service providers and work towards a common goal with the client.


With families that have DCFS open cases, RAFS obtains releases from the family to include the CSW as a part of the team and request the detention report and minute orders. This allows therapist to process with the client the initial feelings regarding the open case, strength-base reframing of the involvement of the county social worker, understand the detention report concerns and plan accurately towards developing a case plan that increases the safety of the children in the home or helps meet the goals towards reunification.


Immediate Intake and Assessment: During in-home intake, the counselors provide the families with immediate safety concerns in the home and help the families develop a safety plan to ensure the well being of the children in the home and other family members.


Case Management/Linkage Services/Referrals: RAFS’s Case Management Services will consist of: Intake and assessment of the client/family needs, Development of the case plan; identify client therapeutic needs; Identify client basis needs; Referrals and linkages for services identified in the case plan using Linkage Form; Follow-up; Assess client progress and success of the case plan; Evaluation of case plan progress; Document continuous improvement of families circumstances.


Case Plans:  RAFS will, at three-month intervals, conducts ongoing reviews and documentation of the family’s progress toward achieving their goals as identified in their written case plan. The intake will include an assessment of the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework (Center for the Study of Social Policy’s Strengthening Families™ Approach). Consistent with the DCFS Shared Core Practice Model the RAFS will engage the individual and/or family in the case planning process to develop a case plan which meets the individual needs for each child and family. The case plan will address the protective factor(s) which were assessed to need strengthening.


Referrals and Case management: RAFS coordinates and collaborates with other agencies as necessary, to facilitate successful client navigation across the service delivery continuum.  Services may include drug and alcohol counseling, homeless shelters, domestic violence programs, basic needs services (food, furniture, and clothing), VOC referrals or others.


Parenting Education Services: In addition to our hybrid counseling/psycho-education groups, RAFS offers training for parents on discipline, child development, behavior management, and anger control. Furthermore, RAFS continues to offer shorter education seminars for clients on current trending topics such as eating disorders, parenting adolescents, the angry child, bullying, and other topics that are identified as of need or interest to our clients.


Sites and referral process: Our main office is in Mission Hills, but we provide in home counseling for all of San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley.

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